Getting ready to sell?

We’re often asked for tips from our vendors on how they can help to ensure a successful sale on their property. Quite often people wonder whether throwing money at doing it up, adding an extension or doing a top to bottom makeover is the best way. We would normally say most of the time things rarely need to be this drastic and expensive!

Brilliant photographs and the best possible presentation at viewings are our two key pieces of advice. It’s all about first impressions online and when a viewer first steps in the door. To help you to get both of these elements spot on, we’ve listed some top tips below to guide you to successfully prepare to sell.

1 Remove clutter

Take out or hide piles of stuff, mountains of ornaments or items that are filling up your home. A home that is a bit more of a blank canvas rather than an abstract busy painting will enable viewers to easily see the space that your property has to offer for their own furniture and belongings.

2. Dress your rooms correctly

Try to make sure the presentation of your home matches the description. If you have marketed your home as having a utility room, make sure it has the washing machine and tumble dryer in there, rather than your exercise bike and the lawn mower. This way, people can visualise them using this room as a utility room and makes it more likely that they will see and remember it as being an asset to the overall property.

3. Outdoor space should be ‘dressed’ too!

If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden, you have a real chance to make a good first impression with providing kerb appeal. A clean front door and a tidy front garden is a welcoming first sight.

If you have a back garden, whatever its size, you have the opportunity to give a buyer an extra ‘outdoor room’ – an extra space for them to enjoy. An outdoor space to sit in, play in, tend to or simply look at is a real benefit.

To make sure you show the outdoor space off in the best way, make sure that you:

  • Make sure the grass is short
  • Hedges are not overgrown
  • Fences are in good repair
  • Walls are safe and painted
  • Weeds are pulled up

4 Documents

Your estate agent and solicitor will ask for various bits of paperwork throughout the selling process, so if you can gather together all the relevant documents ahead of time, you should avoid delays further down the line.

Some of the paperwork to consider gathering together include:

  • HM Land Registry title documents
  • Gas safety Certificates
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Planning permission for any major work carried out
  • Building regulation completion certificates and builder’s guarantee certificates for alterations or additions
  • Subsidence guarantees/warranties

5 Touch up repairs

Doing some minor repairs could make all the difference in improving the first impression prospective buyers get when they walk around. A lick of paint over scratches and chipped areas, a touch up of grout and mastic around the sinks and making sure floorboards are nicely nailed down and not creaky are easy and cheap jobs to complete.

6 General tips for viewings

Keeping the room light or well lit makes it look bigger – ensure that blinds are open, and curtains are apart, to flood your home with light.:

  • In your bathroom, store toiletries away where possible, clean it and keep the toilet seat down
  • In your kitchen, keep worktops clean and tidy, put washing up away and make sure the room smells nice!